Day 338 – First day of 2nd semester

Monday, January 30th 2017

Off to a good and meh start.

The good start is that when I arrived to psychology class I found a couple of close friends there and the teacher… Man. He’s hilarious. The class was constantly laughing. It was basically stand up comedy, but with learning. I’m really excited for this class, not only because it’s psychology, but the teacher is funny, there’s no homework, he has been to a lot of different places in Asia so he’ll be making references often… The only downside is that I was told it’s difficult to get an A with him. I guess his definition about the tests being “a walk in the park”, is maybe not the same as ours. We’ll have to see after the first test. At least it’s something I’ll enjoy studying.

Now for the meh part. French class. What’s good is that I’m with Kohai, what’s bad is a girl that’s a jerk is in our class. As long as we don’t have assigned seats, she’ll be all the way across the class, and the class is pretty wide, so I’m good there. Though the book we started reading doesn’t seem interesting. The same way with most French books at my school. Only once did I ever like one. Also, grammar is coming back into play, so now I’m gonna have to relearn basic grammar tenses and such since I don’t even know that. How am I at university level? Though my teacher seems nice. Boring, but nice. Also, a good thing is that we will be writing an essay, and I’m good at those.

At lunch I sat with my close friends and Kohai joined. We talked about school and our classes so far, as well as Donald Trump and how he banned the 7 countries. I only know the general idea of most of what he’s doing, since I don’t follow politics (now I have no choice since I hear it everywhere), so I can’t make a final conclusion, but I can say that he scares me a little.

Next class I had visual arts. I already know this teacher and she’s nice. She gives us good art supplies and the exam is easy, but I am afraid I won’t learn what I need. There are books on drawing gestures and the portraits, which I was really happy about, until I realised it’s just the books instead of the photocopied version the previous art teacher had, and it doesn’t give out too much of useful tips. Though I hope we learn to draw the face and body more. I badly need it. I refreshed my drawing skills by drawing a hand and eyes, and it seems like I need a little bit of improvement hand wise, but the eyes I seem fine. We’ll see how far I can get at the end of the semester. I’d have taken pictures, but the sketchbook has to remain at the school.

I finished the day with English and I like my teacher. She’s nice and just has a really positive and energetic vibe about her. She reminds me of my 9th grade math teacher, but less energetic, since that math teacher was very, very energetic… Anyway, we are 18 in the class it seems, which is surprising, yet not since it seems most students had university level English last semester.

I only really know one person, sort of. I worked with her before so she’s good with working with me as well. We will start reading 1984 from George Orwell, as well as Lord Of The Flies, Macbeth and something else. We will be continuing dystopian, port-apocalyptic and science fiction literature like last year, which I’m excited about. We will also be writing an essay, which I’m great at, so I’m not worried.

When I got home, I worked on the book, ate, then worked on the server.

That’s all for today.

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