This has been one of the happiest weekends I have had in a long time. Nothing happened to make it a good one or anything special. Jeremy made it home early Friday around 2:30pm and he is not leaving till tomorrow morning. Its not normal for him to be home till late Friday night and leaves early Sunday morning… So having him here was so nice and the girls loved getting to spend some time with him. Weekends like this makes me realize how lucky I truly am. My family may not be perfect but god blesses us in different ways every day. He keeps my husband the father to the girls safe and alive Evey day on these roads. Keeps my girls healthy and doing well… And me? He helps give me the strength to get three everyday he has blessed me with this beautiful family that I couldn’t be more thank full for. I normally complain all the time! I am always way to negative! But I am trying to change that everyday for me, but mostly my kids I don’t want my kids being that way! I want them to be happy, positive, loving, out  going and smart young woman one day. 

Well good night Evey one 

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