January Reflections

I lost a bit of myself during January and didn’t focus as well as I should to follow my intentions for the month ..

Work: I did the work action list for a day then lost myself in all the distractions that can happen in any one day .. I guess I will have to find another way.

Finances: My bills are in credit and I registered my Costa coffee card for an extra 100 points .. I forgot to look through the discounts offered through work but that’s no surprise .. I made a start on my weekly planning meal list to be continued.

Health: I made a conscious effort to go to bed earlier for the first two weeks then lost it reverting back to my late night habit but at least I know why .. I need to plan my evening time better.

Home: I tried on a pile of jeans, some are now in the charity bag, a few are waiting for my daughter to try on and one pair are ready for a friend the next time I see her .. My new cushions are looking great out of their bags lounging on my hoovered down sofas.

Creativity: The mindful colouring really works, my mind was full of colour for a good few hours and still one picture is not complete .. I sewed up my favourite heart lounge bottoms, in fact, I’m wearing them right now 🙂 .. I committed to making weekly posts on Goodnight Journal.

Charitable: I made two loans on Kiva.

Weekly Lists: I did this for a couple of weeks then forgot to make a list.

There were some positive things I didn’t factor in but happened anyway: G has opened my mind to a new romance burying the thoughts of my abusive ex .. I had an unexpected shopping day out with my son’s girlfriend .. I bought a new TV .. Management nominated me for a higher level course which had me searching for documents and certificates on the last evening of January for an enrolment date on the first day of February.

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