Log Date 011

Log Date, 011.

Chismin keeps calling me about the party. He seemed so excited and happy, how could I say no to him? Maybe this would be fun. But I do tend to get uneasy around lots of people. According to Chismin’s planned guest list, he’s inviting a lot of people. 

I suppose I can appreciate that. I do need to branch out more before I thrust myself into a job involving co-workers, bosses and customers.

He keeps asking me about a theme, decorations, cake, food, all that. I told him that I didn’t care. Except about the food, I don’t like excessive grease. How is he so considerate? I never asked him for a party, and he gave it to me anyway. I never asked for food, decorations, guests, and he asked me about it. All this talk about the party was getting me excited. I kind of wanted it to happen. 

So I asked him.

“Chismin, may I ask you a question?”

“Yep!”, He exclaimed.

“How do you stay so.. so happy all the time? You never seemed bothered by people or bad events. You make so many friends and make them smile, too. How is that?”

He was silent for a moment.

“Well”, He started, “I don’t know! It’s kind of second nature! My dads always taught me to find the best in everything and think positive thoughts! And that there was no use in moping around waiting for a miracle to shine on this world if you’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself!”

My turn to be silent. Chismin is what I was nearly 200 years ago. I finally realized that.

“Thank you, Chismin. I’ll see you later.”

And I hung up. 

End Log.

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  1. He’s such an optimist.
    Those optimists are always happy-go-lucky…

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