Monday January 30th

I have one more day of no working before I start my new job. I stayed home today until I left for the Daily Show. I got there in plenty of time. I was 10th in line. I sat right in the middle on the second row. I had a perfect seat. Trevor Noah was just as funny and beautiful in person as he is on TV. Treyvon Martin’s parents were the guests. I was hoping for a celeb, nothing against them.

I cleaned in my bathroom some this morning. I scrubbed the walls of the bathtub and scrubbed the floor. It is a little better. It will take scrubbing like that several times before it doesn’t look dirty. That man that lived here before me was a nasty motherfucker. The mold and shit growing in that bathroom was crazy. He’s lucky he didn’t get mersa or some shit. That week in February when we are off school, I am going to buy some paint and paint a few things- the radiator covers, and the bathroom door for sure.

I have got to get my eating choices together, and my life in general sorted out. The last thing- the bookshelf I ordered- will allow me to be completely unpacked. 

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