party planning!! (pt. 2)

chistmer also asked me something i never really get asked that much by him. he asked me why im so happy all the time! i answer this question a lot, but i thought it needed a bit of explaining for him.

“its second nature for me!” i said, “my dads always told me to keep a positive mindset! and theres no use in moping around waiting for a miracle when you’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself!”

he thanked me and hung up, pretty abruptly. he probably had to get ready for the party!! i know i did!

i think i have everything ready! i just need to pick up the cake and ill be ready to set up at chistmers house!!

bye!! <33

2 thoughts on “party planning!! (pt. 2)”

  1. Have fun, Happy.
    You don’t mind if I call you Happy, right? Of course you don’t.

  2. @Flitch
    aww!! thank u i love that nickname!! <33

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