party planning!!

alrighty! i have the party planned in its most basic form!

  • friends!
  • karaoke! 
  • decorations!
  • cake!
  • snacks and food!

and the only thing i need is chistmer’s specifics! so i called him and.. he said he didnt care. there wasnt much for me to work off of, and he didnt have any friends that i knew of that i could ask! all he said was “not too much greasy food”. Sooo i guess ill have to work off that!

ill get a carrot cake for him! he seems like a carrot cake guy. and some light sweet snacks! and some small hot dogs? maybe burgers? non-greasy burgers??

oh i think i can do a lot with “no grease”! ill ask the guests and see what they like!

brb!! ^^

2 thoughts on “party planning!!”

  1. Breathe in, breathe out.
    You get excited very easily, eh?

  2. @Flitch
    yeah!! dont worry im breathing! breathing very fast because im excited!!
    how couldnt i be?

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