Random thoughts for today

It’s 21:11 on my clock right now. I know I should probably go to sleep, but I don’t feel like it. Right now I was just surfing the Internet without being useful. I was supposed to wash the dishes today, but Amy was out and I just filled myself with crisps and chocolate, washing it all down with orange juice.

I’m so healthy.

And yet here I am, feeling very full and, surprising as it is, happy. All my homework is done, and Peeve has coiled himself on my lap. It’s not very comfortable sitting with a three-foot-long 6 lb python on your lap, but I don’t mind. I have to type with one hand, because the other one is busy stroking Peeve’s head. T.H.E.R.A.P.I.S.T. told me he was about three years old. I read that they usually live up to 30. I thought about what will I do when I’m 46 years old. Peeve will be 30 then.

Nope. Stop thinking about this.

Amy told me Cairo is deaf on one ear. Just a random fact. I glared at her and said that her cat was lucky – Peeve doesn’t even have ears.

It’s 21:26. Guess that’s it for today. Gonna go play a Sans simulator.

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts for today”

  1. Sans is a character from Undertale.
    I don’t even play it though.

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