soulmate survey

today in accounting class, my nice friend h made me take a survey for our school’s soulmate-date-bestie-finding thing.

basically, it was a survey with some simple questions that will somehow match me with the person who i would be most likely to get along with in the school (or rather, among the people who actually took the survey).

h made our other friend r take it, too, which was really funny because he didn’t even know what it was for until he finished it, so he was taking it really seriously.


i had fun taking it, even though i’m still not sure whether i really WANT to meet my “soulmate” through this dumb school survey. the results are going to be sent by email around valentine’s day … but … i’m not looking for people to date. maybe it’ll just be really cool to meet a new friend in this school–it’s always nice to know more people.

h evidently wants to find a boyfriend through the survey, as she is worried that the boy she’ll get matched with will be unattractive to her. we said that in that case, we will just come out to tell the boy that we did the survey in her name as a joke.


anyway, i’m not worried about it or anything–it was just an interesting thing that happened.


i did so much today. proud.



lana del rey has the most haunting voice.


i published that blog post yesterday, the one for english. it has 3,605 words. too many.

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