To my children

My children. My loves. This life is not how I had hoped it would be for you. There is so much more, so much better for you, but it won’t come to you so easily. Please don’t ever doubt yourself, don’t ever give up on yourself, or each other.

There is so much to learn from life. Some things you have to learn the hard way, but somethings I can help you with if only you’ll let me.

You cringe and sigh when I give you chores or insist you do your homework. I hope one day you thank me. I hope one day you appreciate my persistence on you learning independence and responsibility. I hope one day you know I only want better for you than what I have ever had. 

I never had family fun trips to well known theme parks, and chances are you won’t either. I never had over the top extravagant birthday parties, and chances are, neither will you. But those aren’t what I’m talking about. I want you to know no matter what it is, you can talk openly with me without judgment. I promise you that even when your trip and stumble, even when you fail, I will help you back up and do my best to help you get back on track.

I want you to know you are outstanding. I want you to know you are destined to be more than I am. I want only for your happiness and success in life. 

You might hate me one day. And that will hurt me, but I’ll be ok with it. At one point I hated my parents too, I think it’s a rite of passage. I will cry, but I will never hold it against you. 

I want you to know you don’t have to settle. No matter how hard things are, no matter where you are or who you’re with, don’t settle. Whatever religion you choose to follow, if any, whoever you choose to be, whoever you choose to love, don’t settle for less than what completes you. 

My babies, I love you. I might not always agree with some of your decisions (because pickles will always be awful in my book), but I will always keep you close in my heart and even when we disagree, I will always be your mother and always have my arms open to hold you.  

My smart, beautiful, pain in the ass children. I love you. I loved you before I met you and I will love you long after I’m gone.

This open letter to you really has no ending. The lengths I will go for you is boundless, the support I offer you is all I have, my love for you tireless. 

I am proud of you always. 

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