wha?? :0

Chistmer got a job?? and nobody told me????

I’m gonna be up all night working on party plans!! don’t worry I took a looooong nap today so ill be okay!! this congrats party is gonna be so rad!!! ¬†Chistmer never spends any time with his friends I wonder where they are? im gonna invite all MY friends!! or the ones that live close to me!!

I have a party to plan byeeeee!!!! <333

2 thoughts on “wha?? :0”

  1. Alright, bud. You really need to cool down from all that excitement, lest you might have your brains hurt at best.

  2. @Flitch
    ill be okay! ^^ Chistmer is gonna be so happy!! im sure he needs to spend some time with friends on such a nice day!! im gonna buy so! much! hot chocolate so he gets a good paycheck!!

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