2/1/2017-9:51AM- Feeling better

After my puking session, I fell back asleep trying to avoid having to empty my system anymore that it already had been. This morning is the beginning of my second semester, but I’m home, just in case.

Usually first day of the semester is relatively simple, and I still have my weekend since it’s Wednesday. Sadly my computer I use for school assignments is down.:(

So I’m stuck using the other computer for now. My mother is in the kitchen making something with cranberries. Cranberry sauce? Not sure, but she’s always been good at cooking or sewing and anything that had to do with working with her hands.

I’m actually a bit hungry, almost scared to eat though, but I might have something small.I feel a bit exhausted from last night. I plan to still exercise this morning and afternoon if I am able. Possibly watch a drama or a teen show.

Last night was sooooo horrible. Worse than horrible. The uncontrollable shaking was what bothered me the most. Thankfully my parents are extremely nice to me today, a bit overly. I woke them up last night from all my vomiting, so I guess I should just be thankful that they aren’t grumpy.

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