In Maths today the teacher asked Brandon, “Brandon, which were the tasks I told you to solve?”. I knew he was in trouble. See, yesterday he redid a test and our teacher usually picks some tasks from the textbook for us to solve when we are redoing tests to get better marks. He had most of the results written in his book so he solved the tasks that he picked, not the ones that she had told him to. He did end up getting a D though. Later today I practised my speech for English class tomorrow. I  have finally figured it out. Keep it short, bold and interesting. Say not what you want to talk about, but what will keep the attention of your audience. At least that’s what the guy on YouTube said. Hopefully everything will go great tomorrow. Brandon told me that this girl would like to share a room with me on our excursion to Prague in April. I had thought she liked me before but then that belief, sort of, went away. She’s pretty cute though and thinks I’m funny. 

School affects my writing and thinking.

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