3:56 AM-Stomach Issues

Just woke up a while ago shaking violently and decided to go back to sleep. I felt so nauseous.

I finally got up and went to the bathroom and I vomited for about 10 minutes straight, through my nose and mouth(threw up so violently.)

I feel horrible this morning, disgusted. I changed my clothes but I can still smell vomit for some reason. I feel horrible.

4 thoughts on “3:56 AM-Stomach Issues”

  1. I experienced the same one night. I drank milk to treat it and I felt relieved, my parents said it was due to electrolyte imbalance cause I drank to much liquid, and salts were washed out from my system. I am talking about Potassium salts here, not the common NaCl (table) salt.

  2. @savedbygrace
    I feel better this morning, thank you. I’m not too worried about school since the system allows it so I can still continue work online.:)

  3. @penlady
    Hmm, I had milk before I slept, but maybe I ate too much, haha.
    I still feel a bit nauseous this morning, but it will hopefully go away.
    Also I’m a bit tired from last night, but I’m okay.:)

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