College here I am (or not)

Yesterday was a different day for me, I was approved in one of the colleges of my dreams. It made me so happy because very few people are accepted (12 to be exactly). 

When I saw the result, the first thing that came out to my mind was him, the boy that became one of the most important people of my life. How could I go too far from home (6 hours) and be apart from him. So I cried. 

I cried because I’m having the best time of my life. I’m on vacation since December and my days are resumed in being with him, going out with him, going out with him and our couple friend (his best friend is dating my best friend), going to the movies, being around the city, arriving home late, having adventures always with him and I’m not ready to give it an end. This summer is being the best of my life so far and I just don’t want it to be over. 

College was everything that I wished for this year. 2016 I prepared myself so hard to do the exmans for college, and I’m one of the very people of my class who got into college, so of course I’m exited. The city that it’s this college it’s just amaizing, the campus is amaizing, there is an university valley where I could live in. Everything would be just amazing and it has always been my dream because I had never fell in love, but now I’m and I just don’t wanna go too far, but I can’t give up this dream for a boy that I’m wish only for 6 months.

Btw there is another university that I did the exam that is only one hour from my home and I could keep our relationship, but the city is not that nice. I will get the result this Friday. I’m really nervous for what is happening to my life this year but I’m excited and I pray to God to do the best thing and be out of this dilemma. 🙂😚😊

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  1. Go to the College of your dream. Nothing more to think about. Nothing more to say.

    Start writing often. You write after long intervals.

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