I’m sort of excited. Tomorrow night The Man’s friend / old band mate (from up north) is playing a concert in Spartanburg. That is within driving distance of us, a long drive, but it is do able. We have’t seen anyone from up north since we moved. 

The Man expressed an interest in wanting to go. I encouraged him.  He requested the night off of work. That seals the deal. Tomorrow night we are cruising upstate for a very special date night. The Man texted his friend and told him that we were able to go. I’m guessing that is a bit of a surprise to him (especially since he didn’t remember where we moved to).

So like a silly girl, today is a beauty day because when we go to this concert I feel that vain desire in me that demands that I look my personal best. I haven’t donned my skull atire in awhile, but I get to break it out tomorrow. Yay!!!

The only thing I’m remotely concerned about is that I want to take our Mustang rather than our jeep (it is cherry red & decked out in skulls). I am assuming The Man will be drinking which means I will be the designated driver. I am too short to reach the clutch so when I drive Mustang I have to sit on a pillow (yes, you can laugh). My position makes shifting the gears a little awkward and I’ll be driving in a strange city.

I’ll post later how the night goes.


PS 3 weeks til puppy comes home!!!

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