Day 13 – double life

My life is so hard and frustrating right now. i mean life is always like that but i feel like im going to scream at someone.  in the morning i go to college classes and everyone sits there like good kids and do what they are told and sit quietly in the classroom. they reach basic expectations.  is the kids need to use a the bathroom or make a phone call for some ridiculous reason they just get up quietly and leave the room.  when they are done they come bac kin and sit quietly. and if they dont want to do the work they are told they still just either leave without disrupting or they just sit and do something on the computer or there phone or space out for and wat not.  its a normal classroom with normal kids in the real world. then after my one normal class with normal kids and an actual teacher i come back to my high school and i have to deal with kids who cant sit still for more than a minute and need to fill out a pass to take a walk or to get a drink or to go to the bathroom. i have to deal with kids complaining that they  cant use there computer during freaking art class and someone else can! its litterlay a 12th grader complaining that it isnt fair that they cant use their computer but other kid in the room that is doing an independent sudy and itsnt actually in the art class can use her computer. like serlsy i cant take it. then there is a kid yelling about the civil war while we are watching a movie about the next project we will be starting. its rediculous!! i hate it! like the fuck! i felt like i was going to scream at all of them the teacher says stop talking like way more times in that one class than any normal person should in a given day!! its apslutly crazy! then there is kids literaly looking at the teacher saying telling them to stop  doing something and they are ignoreing the teacher right in front of their face!! like i dont get it! 

now i have to do homework for my real school! its like im living a double life! one where i go to work have an actually job and get paid for the work and time that i work.  i have homework and i go to class where the kids sit and listen and also get homework adn do wat they are told.  then i live  a life where i do a job and get cut off after i make a certain amout even if i still work. i never get homework and the kids are crazy and dont ever meet classroom expectations!! its so hard and i hate it! 

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