Day 31

Today I am on my first swing day between day shift and night shift. I got up early and went for a walk, and decided to stop at the exercise equipment in the park. I did 3 rounds of exercises- incline pushups, squats, chest press, hanging knee-ups, lat pull-downs, side lunges, tricep dips and skaters. It felt really good, and except for the small section of running I tried, my back felt good. My back hurt a bit from the running, but after I rested in the middle of the day, getting ready for night shift, my back was fine, and after sitting in the truck for 12 hours, on non-suspension dickie seats, my back was fine too!!
So, I’m going really well with not drinking alcohol. There have been a couple of times where I thought it would be great to have a few drinks, but I also wanted to get lost in some other reality at those times, and I knew that if I started drinking I would drink too much and suffer the next day. So I’m feeling very good. I’m feeling strong. I’m ready to challenge myself and learn how to drive these beasts of haul trucks. It’s raining so I don’t think I’ll be driving again tonight…

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