Day 339 – Books, psychology, art and hair

Tuesday, January 31st 2017

Today was better than yesterday.

I started the day with French. We began by going over the syllabus again, then read a text about the book we’re reading, took a revision quiz (which I failed horribly, but hey, I remember now and of course it wasn’t graded, so no harm done), then read our book. It’s starting to get better. Not sure if it’s because I’m just glad to start reading a book again or it’s genuinely getting better.

Psychology followed up and we took some notes on ethics in expirementing, discussed about what we’ll learn such as phobias, discussed phobias (he used an example by using arachnophobia, and because I’m in the middle front of the class, he used his hand as an example of a spider and put it in front of me on my desk, and he even pointed out that I inched back even at the thought of his hand being a spider, which was true, so that was interesting), we also discussed if we’d participate in expirements and if money would play a factor and the teacher also said he liked my YinYang mandala shirt (he said he wears those type of things often, which makes sense, because he went to so many different Asian countries; on the first day he was wearing a samurai shirt).

At lunch I sat with my close friends and they discussed bacalleaurate international unfairness before I went off to English. We discussed more about dystopian literature and about George Orwell. We also started reading 1984, which seems great so far. The term “Big Brother” is starting to make more sense to me. Also, she said a previous student from my school has a YouTube channel called Laurier LaChance, and he’s a YouTube phenomenon? Never heard of him. Definitely have to look him up.

I finished the day with art. I’m so excited since our teacher mentioned practicing portraits. That’s going to be extremely useful for me. When I told my dad he even said to practice the hell out of that during the class. Also, my teacher put me with two guys for a mural in a teacher’s office. Her walls are brown and yellow and she’s really tired of seeing those colours, especially since they’re not flattering shades. The office is also very small, so she wants something with buildings and is colourful to open up. We came up with some ideas and decided the road should go straight for the middle (it’ll be a perspective drawing) for symmetry. I decided to move away from the idea of a road, but keeping the towards the middle idea, and made a sort of roof view to the city with a tree, a bench and some flowers. It’s much more ambitious in details. We’ll have to see when we compare our ideas together. Luckily I know one person in our group, and the other is actually kind of cute.

When I got home I redid my psychology notes, since I found they looked really bad. I wanted to be more organised and easy on the eyes for me, so I did this :

I then ate supper which was pancakes, chocolate, bacon and bananas.

I discussed with the owner about starting fresh on the server. She wants to do a map wipe, which I’m fine with, but also a Pokemon wipe. I told her she can take all my materials, but not my babies, and after saying she’ll discuss with the other owner about having a donation store option to keep your Pokemon PC, I’m more at ease. We also discussed hair, which I brought the idea of me having shorter hair to my mom. She often tells me short hair looks best on me and I’ve had the same hair for three years now. It’s time to change. I decided to go for short where it would hover slightly over the shoulders; this basically :

I also talked about dying my hair (possibly, not sure yet) and she shot down the idea of me dying my hair all blue (which surprised me, since last time she told me to do whatever I want), and I didn’t oppose since I wasn’t certain of the idea myself, although some colour would be nice, so we settled on this (but not that colour) :

Just enough to say I have some colour in there. So it’d be maybe blue instead of purple. Although this is only an idea. I’m gonna start with short hair first and see where I should go from there.

I ended the day with Supernatural and Clone Wars.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Those notes look well written, they’re like Microsoft Word notes but on paper…!

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