Log Date 015

Log Date, 015.

I could faintly hear lots of panicked voices, calling out my name, screaming almost. I wanted to get up and reassure them, for some reason, but the energy had escaped my body. I couldn’t.

I recognized those worried footsteps coming up the stairs, however. It could only be Chismin.

He took me by the head, lifting me gently, whispering to me.

“Chistmer? Chistmer, can you still hear me?”

I opened my eyes, greeted by many worried faces. I could only groan. I couldn’t move, I was too weak. My light thrashing only made people more worried, it seemed, so I lay still.

I felt myself being picked up, and it seemed to be Chismin. My eyes went wide and I got a good look at the balcony once more. First filled with so many happy faces, now replaced with ones of concern. I felt guilty.

Chismin silently hushed me when he saw me trying to speak. I felt an odd sense of comfort being carried up the steps by him. Just me and him, gently swaying to the steps of the stairs, as the noises of the others were slowly fading away.

“You’ll be okay. I think I know where your room is.” He whispered.

Soon, I was laying down in my bed, tucked in by Chismin. He left the room as soon as I shut my eyes.


I think I fell asleep for a few minutes, because the first thing I remember when opening my eyes was hearing the concerned noises from downstairs be replaced by happy music and cheerful banter once again. I smiled a bit. 

I regained my energy a bit, sleeping it off seemed to do the trick. Its taking a lot of focus to type this all, however.

Chismin just came into my room a few minutes ago. He asked how I was and seemed very happy to see me safe. He hugged me a lot.

I wasn’t bothered by this, either. He was making me feel very comfortable.

“Chistmer, I hope you don’t mind me asking if you remember why you fainted.” He asked me after a bit.

So, I told him the truth. About my house, about everyone there, about me not being ready. And he understood everything. 

He told me that he would help me socialize, and take it much slower if I wanted him too.

Now… Chismin gives a lot of platonic kisses to his friends. A lot. I used to think it really odd, but I got used to it.


But when he kissed the back of my hand, I could feel myself wanting to faint again. 


He left the room after that, and told me that I could come back down whenever I wanted. I stayed in bed thinking for a bit, inspecting my hand. I was completely awestruck. Even if purely platonic, I haven’t felt anything like I do right now in nearly 200 years. It felt.. magical.

I have to go, now. I have a ball to host.

End Log. 

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