Log Date 016

Log Date, 016.

I woke up just a bit ago after spending the rest of the night cleaning up with Chismin. He had been nothing but kind to me all night during that whole ordeal and I wasn’t about to make him clean up that mess.

I walked down my staircase after I woke up, and got another view of my house. It was completely empty. Well, yes, the furniture was there, the television, the couch, everything in the kitchen (including a few containers of leftover food from the party Chismin gave me). But compared to last night, it felt so desolate. Was it always like this? How did I live like this for so long? It was almost depressing.

So, I did what I hadn’t done in a long time. I called someone. Not for business, but just to talk.

And who better to call than Chismin? Mr. Social?

“Hey, Chistmer! Whacha need?”

“Oh, er… nothing, really. I just wanted to talk.”

“Oh! What about?”

“…your morning!”

Ergh, that was so cheesy. But… I wanted to socialize. If cheese was gonna get me there, then I would use cheese.

“Ooh! Well, first I woke up, then I ate an amazing breakfast! And then I called Omnag and Marnie and wished them a good morning! And then I was watching TV until you called! And then I told you about my morning!”

I could feel his smile beam through the phone. I just… hung up. I didn’t want to risk making him upset or anything. And I wasn’t sure what to say.

Take small steps, he told me last night, small steps.

End Log.

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