I have been sick off and on for 7 months now. During the argument with King, I told him how frusturating it is that he sits back while I’m sick and lets me continue to take care of everything.  How is a person supposed to heal? Well, I went to the drs today. Fluid! Fluid in and around my lungs. I  down for the count. King calls to see how things went. I am currently on the bathroom floor shaking from the breathing treatment. I had tried to take a bath and threw up in it. I washed off and had just gotten out when the phone rang. I started crying. I need you. Can you please come home. He has an electrician over at one of the rentals. As soon as the guy leaves, he is on his way. I manage to get into bed. I wake up.a couple hrs later to him standing over me with a concerned look..He was about to get a mirror. I snore…like a bear! I also fidgit all night. None of which I was doing. He took care of me! This is big. He picked the monkeys up, made their dinner asked if I needed anything (another one of the things he has never really done). I was amazing. I thanked him and told him I should be able to handle things by tomorrow. He told me no, he will take care of us tomorrow. 

I like this guy! There have been small steps over the years. The good news is he keeps taking steps foward…..and sometimes drops in the isle of then store and throws a month long tempertantrum. 

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