Entity Attachment After EVP

February 9, 2017

  The voices were pretty mild for most of today. When I got home from work I started to get the high pitch ringing in my ears. I definately had the feeling tonight that they were causing this ringing intentionally.

This intense ringing in my ears is something that I have experienced off and on throughout this whole situation. I experienced it quite a bit when this situation was at it’s worse back in the Spring of 2015. Then it seemed to go away for a while, but now it’s been happening again these last few months, though the intesinity of it is not nearly as strong as it was back in 2015.

That’s pretty much true across the board. None of this situation now is as intense as it was back in 2015 when it all started. The voices, the ringing in my ears and the physical sensations….the intensity of all of these things has subsided a considerable degree since 2015. 

It’s still a pain in the ass to deal with, don’t get me wrong, but in a way it was like a virus that I had no immunity to. In the very beginning, it knocked me completely on my ass. I still suffer from this condition, but I do feel that to some degree, I have developed something of an immunity now, at least compared to how it was back in 2015.

I still get aggravated by it all quite often, but I’m not down the rabbit hole any longer like I was back for much of 2015.

For the past few days, I’ve also been hearing them say “stop talking about us on the internet”, and “if you stop talking about us on the internet, we’ll leave you alone.” They’ve been saying it quite a lot. They just started doing this a few days ago. Just like everything that I hear, I have to take everything that I hear from them with a serious grain of salt. But, I’ll see how it goes.

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