Clairaudience Danger

February, 2017

It was a typical day, I could hear the voices in the background all day at work, but when I got home they became more annoying talking over the noise of the heater in my condo. It was pretty cold today so I simply had to run it, voices or no voices.

I was browsing on the internet a bit again today. Again, I wish I would stop doing this as far as looking up anything related to paranormal subjects, but sometimes I find myself doing this out of boredom more than anything.

So I was searching for material about clairaudience. I believe that everything that I saw online looked at Clairaudience in a favorable way. Many websites even talked about how to develope Clairaudience so that one can enjoy communicating with their spirit guides.

My experience with developing unwanted Clairaudience after briefly experimenting with EVP in 2015 has been a nightmare for me so when I see websites like this I almost scratch my head in disbelieve. Experiencing what I’ve experienced I realize that developing Clairaudience is not always a good thing and I don’t see why anyone who didn’t hear voices would intentionally try to hear voices. Yes, my opinion is certainly biased by my own experiences as far as this matter is concerned, I admit.

I don’t think that there is enough mention out there that sometimes Clairaudience cannot be easily controlled and turned off like flicking off a light switch. Sometimes if you develop this perception either intentionally or not, the voices can be over whelming and if you’re unfortunate like me, you risk ending up running into entities that deliberately bombard you with voices as a form of harassment. Essentially, this whole Clairaudience thing isn’t all sunshine. It’s just something to consider if one is intentionally trying to open up their perceptions to communicate with what is essentially the unknown.

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