The Good Cop / Bad Cop Ploy

February 12, 2017

  During the first few weeks of my entity attachment situation, back in April of 2015, when things were at their utter worse, amidst the constant 24/7 barrage of menacing voices that sought to psychologically shatter me, I began to notice the presence of another small group of voices. These particular voices were not harassing but instead seemed like they were trying to help me and offer me advice on how to deal with this difficult situation.

  At this time, the negative harassing voices were more or less telling me quite often that I should kill myself. They often said this in different ways, but the implication was still the same. For example, they would tell me in a harsh tone that I should “take my spirit out of my head” and things along those lines. They would essentially play with words but their message was clear.

  But, then these kinder sounding voices would come along and essentially say the same thing but they would say it in a kinder manner. I do remember these kinder sounding voices telling me that in order to escape this ordeal, I had to “take my spirit out” so that it could be free of all of this torment and agony. They were essentially saying the same thing as the malevolent voices and the implication was exactly the same, only when these voices said it, they sounded much kinder, that was the only difference.

  It was just another one of their mind games. They often use a tactic of playing good cop/bad cop to create even more confusion in you and to further get you into a state where they can manipulate you.  Once I caught on and realized that there was something quite suspicious about this group of kinder voices, they suddenly just vanished and I never heard from them again.

 Now, I have to say that on a few occasions, I do believe that I heard voices that were legitimately from spirits (?) who were actually trying to offer me helpful advice. These voices were not always around or intrusive in anyway. They simply gave me a message and that was that. So, I can’t say that all of these voices are always up to some kind of mind game or deception but, this good cop/bad cop tactic is something that these malevolent entities use and one should be aware of this if they find themselves in a similar situation.

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