Hearing Voices After EVP

February 13, 2017

8:18 pm

 Most of today was uneventful. I didn’t sleep well last night, not so much because of “them”…my stomach was bothering me, so I woke up a few times throughout the night.

 I was pretty tired at work all day, but with a lot of coffee I managed. But when I got home from work I tried to take a nap. This (as usual) did not go so well. “They” were attacking me pretty bad with the physical sensations. This is still something that really aggravates me about “them” and this whole situation. 

I can’t stand that they mess with my sleep so much. It’s literally every day. I have pleaded with them to at least ease up on this, but they are unbending. They are unreasonable beyond anything that I’ve ever experienced. 

They are just set on trying to cause disruption in my life as much as possible. The voices I’m better able to deal with, because with time I’m getting better at learning to block them out, but these damn physical sensations when I’m trying to sleep are something else entirely, they are not so easy to ignore.

The only thing that works for me so far is taking sleep aids so that I can at least   fall asleep quickly. But it does piss me off when they mess with my sleep. I know that getting angry and cursing them out doesn’t do any good, but recently I’ve been trying to think of some way to get back at them. I’ve been kicking some ideas around in my mind. I’ll see what I come up with. At this point I feel it’s a natural reaction to want to get a little payback.


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