February 15, 2017

9:36 pm

 Typical day for the most part. I tried to rest a bit when I first got home from work but “they” attacked with the physical disturbances. No surprise there.

I’ve been able to ignore them quite well this evening. I’ve heard them saying quite a few times over the past few days that “they were superior lifeforms” or that they were “higher life forms”.  They certainly do treat me like we are different life forms, of different origins. I just don’t know what to make of some of their statements sometimes. I’ll try not to think about it too much because this will just lead to more speculating and too much speculating about all of this isn’t good for me I know. It just gets me mired down in the bog that is this confusing situation. 

I reject the bog. They can call themselves “higher life forms” all they want. All I know if that who or whatever they are, they don’t seem to shut up much.


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