Hearing Voices After EVP

February 14, 2017

 It’s been a bad night so far. I just tried to get some sleep but “they” are escalating with the physical disturbances.

It’s odd, they are so much more abusive and essentially bat shit erratic at night but usually calmer in the morning. I wonder if there’s something to this? But, more than likely they just mess with me more at night so they can mess with my sleep as they know that this pisses me off the most and that seems to be their goal, to get a negative reaction out of me.

I’m on about my fourth dose of sleep aid. Hopefully it kicks in fast. I might have to look into getting a prescription of some stronger sleep aid. The over the counter stuff just doesn’t seem to be working as well as it once did. Though I think that part this is because these entities are intentionally focusing more on the physical disturbances now than they were a few months ago. I think they’re trying to compensate for the fact that I’ve become even more indifferent to the voices recently. 

I’ll give sleep another try now. The second attempt is usually when I pass out. It has been awhile since they have kept me awake all night ( knock on wood). I guess I might be overdue for it but all the same I certainly hope that it doesn’t happen.

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  1. Hello brian, I was referred to your journal by someone from the hearing voices network. im not sure if this link is how I share my post, if not my name on there is chrisnky and the title of my post is This is my experience – really need advice
    I myself have been researching the paranormal for 4 years.. and I had an experience 2 1/2 – 3 years ago that was really crazy.. the post explains everything.. also has a link to my youtube where I explain the experience.. I am going to read and follow your blog.. but I would like to know if this is how it started for you? or was it all at once and never stopped.. cause it hasnt happened again to me since then.. being able to actually hear them.. aside from the odd WORD you hear here and there.. the type u arent sure if u heard a voice or not.. but this experience was CLEAR there was a voice.. i also heard the mario brothers theme song.. its not a joke. i know it sounds funny.. but everytime I would open my eyes the song and the voice would stop.. INSTANTLY.. and soon as I would close them again it would start again

    please let me know what you think.. should I stop my paranormal research? again.. this has not effected me since it happened almost 3 years ago. I capture evps everytime I record.. I even captured them opening a door the other day, and my cat reacting to it.. the cat reacted looking at the door scared to death before it even opened.. i have that on my youtube as well
    my email is tre2006@gmail.com if you want to reach me there.. or reply to the thread on the HVN website.. im very interested to know your thoughts

  2. Hi, we spoke over at the HVN forum, I’m the one that emailed you last week, I just go by the name Jerseyguy on that forum.

    There’s some similarities to your story and mine and also some differences. That’s how it was with me before I got hit with the voices (unwanted clairaudience), I was hearing voices on practically every EVP recording that I did. Though I admit, back then I let myself get carried away and I was doing EVP sessions practically every night for two months, but yeah, it got to where I was hearing them on every recording.

    I started to hear the voices outside of the recordings after only two months and most of the other accounts I’ve seen of this situation are pretty similar, people who start hearing the voices outside of the recordings usually start doing so early on , after a few months typically.

    However, I have seen one account from a person who it happened to who had quit doing EVP years prior, so it is possible that it can happen later, I think that for some of us, when we do EVP too much, we’re doing something to our hearing (opening a perception perhaps) than can linger well after we stop doing EVP

    Since you said you heard the Mario Brothers theme, that sounds like something that this element that oppresses me would do, they have a trickster quality about them

    so , yeah, there are risk even though you’ve been doing this for awhile. If it were me, I’d stop, because it’s not worth getting into a messy situation like this, some of these entities can be very sinister and tormenting and they won’t want to leave you alone. At the very least, I would not make doing EVP that much of a routine because I think the more you do it, the more you could open your perceptions and also get more attention on the other side and some of that attention may not be good.

    I know it’s hard to pull yourself away from, that’s how it was for me when I was recording, we always want to find out more, but looking back now, I’d be much happier just not knowing and keeping my focus on regular day to day things

    – Brian

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