February 1, 2017

February 1, 2017

 The morning started off mild with the voices, I didn’t notice them much at work, now as it’s getting into night time they’re starting to act up again. The evening/night is when they still give me the most trouble, probably it’s only because I’m not keeping myself as occupied as when I am at work.

Last night they were pretty annoying with the physical disturbances. I think it took me a good hour or around that to get to sleep. I’m still at a point where I’m taking more sleep-aid that I was a few months ago. I think this is because “they” are intentionally resorting to focusing on the physical disturbances more at night than the voices, though they are still far from being quiet.

I’m sure it will pass. This is probably all out of desperation on their part. “Pippy the Nazi” is still the most annoying voice I hear. She’s a total nut case, bat-shit crazy, I can honestly just ramble on and on talking shit about her. Maybe some other time. Well, I’ll see how it goes tonight. Another day with “them” around, but I’m still standing. All in all, I hardly pay them any mind when I’m at work and they don’t really interfere with my job anymore. That wasn’t the case back in the beginning of all of this when the voices were more intense. Back then I was holding on by a thread, but yeah, I barely notice their presence at work anymore. It’s when I go home and at night when I’m trying to sleep that is still a bit of a struggle sometimes.


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