Hearing Voices After EVP

February 15, 2017

12:41 am

 I’m just sitting here waiting to sleep. Waiting for the sleep-aid to kick in. It seems like I need more now to pass out quickly. I was thinking that this was  because “they” had seemed to be escalating things with the physical disturbances, but tonight, when I made my first attempt to get to sleep, the physical sensations were pretty mild, yet here I am, at almost one in the morning and  I’m still having trouble sleeping.

 I wonder if I’ve developed a tolerance to the Sleep-aids where now I need more and more to get the same effect from them. I take them almost every night still, so if one can develop a tolerance to them then perhaps I’ve simply reached that point. Perhaps I should try and go without them for a bit and see what happens.

Other than this, it was just a regular day today. They were chattering a lot of course, but they just spew such nonsense and bullshit that it’s not even worth paying attention to. I have been hearing more  voices though, this past few days as far as the numbers go.

 For the past few nights a few new, bizzare sounding voices have shown up on the scene. Usually, I’m just hearing the voice of “Pippy the Nazi” and maybe one or two others on any given day. But, the past few nights, I’ve been hearing a few other voices, voices that I’m not familiar with,

Have more of these entities decided to take part in harassing me? I certainly hope not, but in all honesty, it wouldn’t surprise me. Perhaps ” Pippy the Nazi” called for some back up, I say this light heartedly, but who knows? Maybe this is indeed the case. Just more confusing stuff I suppose, in the bog that is this perplexing situation.

These new voices are very strange sounding to and have proven a bit tricky ignore and block out. Perhaps this is because I haven’t been hearing these particular voices for long enough to adapt to them yet.

Of course, I can’t rule  out that ” Pippy the Nazi” or one of the others that I hear so frequently are just manipulating their own voices, or I should say, manipulating sound waves to make them sound like new voices and  sound menacing. I wouldn’t put this past them for a moment. If they see an opportunity to mess with my head with some kind of mind game, then they’ll usually try and carry this out. The good news is, I anticipate these kinds of clever deceptions from them, so by doing this, they can’t pull the rug out from beneath my feet anymore.


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