February 16, 2017

11:46 pm

 I just attempted to get to sleep, but it was no good. ” They” have been quite active today with voices and physical disturbances.

When I tried to go to sleep just now, I was feeling a strong vibration sensation and just the overall sensation of something moving around on me.

I was also hearing a voice speak to me through my pillow again. I’m pretty sure it was the female voice that I call ” Pippy the Nazi.” I hate that damn dirty trick. But, that’s what “they” are all about…finding new and creative ways to be damn annoying. Anticipating this takes much of the impact of it away.

 I think I’ve had four doses of sleep-aid already. Some nights I just don’t pay attention to how much I take, but I do believe I’ve already had four doses tonight. I’m really starting to think that I’ve developed a tolerance to this paritucal sleep-aid. I used to be fine taking half or less of what I regularly take now.

It could also be that “they” seem to be more on the offensive at night recently. I’m just not sure, but I might just have to look into other options for this, at least temporarily.

But, all in all it was a typical day. I’ll give attempt number two at sleep a shot now. The second attempt usually does the trick, but like I mentioned in my last post, I am in fact over due for a night where they cause me not to get any sleep at all.

I’m debating right now if I should have any more  sleep-aid. On the one hand, I just want to pass out quickly so that I don’t have to deal with the aggravating physical sensations anymore tonight . But, on the other hand, sometimes if I take too much in one night to achieve this, I end up feeling like I have a hangover in the morning.

I’m not sure what to do. The time may come soon when I’ll have to give serious consideration to this matter. But, for now, I’m signing off and turning in. Voices or no voices, I’m turning in. Unlike them, I have to work tomorrow, while I’m sure that they’ll just follow me around talking their bullshit all day.


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