February 21, 2017

10:25 pm

 I just took two doses of sleep aid, just sitting here waiting for it to kick in. The voice I refer to as ” Pippy the Nazi” has been rather vocal this evening. 

Right now she’s talking in my left ear. The voice is faint but has that usual distinct sharpness to it. I’m also getting the ringing in my left ear as she speaks.

That’s actually quite common where I’ll hear the ringing in my ears and then the voices right after, often I’ll hear them at the same time

 Pretty much just an average day though. I’m still in this phase where “they” are far more active at night now than during the day. Actually, the mornings have been fairly quiet recently. Often I’ll wake up in the morning and hardly hear the voices at all. But, as it gets later in the day they become more active. I’d say they are still most active when I first try and go to sleep. Recently it’s been taking about two attempts and some extra doses of sleep aid to knock me out.

I’ve been trying to block out the content of what they are saying and this is getting much easier to do. When I do make the mistake of tuning in and listening to them it’s always just the same old trash talk.

They haven’t tried to mess with my head with some elaborate mind game all that much recently. It’s more just straight up shit talk. I’m getting good though at tuning it out, I think that might be why they’ve been causing the ringing in my ears so much recently.

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