EVP Danger : Headphones & the Rabbit Hole

February 2, 2017

12:06 am

I haven’t tried to go to sleep yet. I’m sure that when I do “they” will mess with me. I’ll see how it goes.

One thing that happened tonight, I was  watching something on my computer with headphones plugged in and I heard a voice say something really loud. It was literally like something was right next to me and spoke. In a way, I kind of deal with that all of the time, but I’ve gotten used to the voices that I hear in a regular basis, they kind of have a distinct quality to them. Sometimes they are stronger, sometimes they are weaker, but I recognize the sound of their voices because I’m so used to hearing them.

This one voice that I heard tonight seemed to come out of no where and it seemed tonight in general, have the headphones on seemed to make the voices much stronger than usual.

In a way, I think that it was using headphones while listening to my EVP recordings back in 2015 that really altered my hearing. A little while after I started experimenting with EVP, I got a $100 set of headphones.

I knew that I was capturing many fainter voices deep down in the recordings, but I initially had trouble making out what these fainter voices were saying. So I decided, since I was experiencing something so profound and fascinating ( at this time I still thought that I was communicating with benevolent spirits) that I would spend a little money on a good set of headphones, hoping that this would make a difference. 

Well, I do think that it made a difference alright, but not in a good way, though that was still unknown to me at the time. Back then, I was still blindly venturing into a very dangerous situation and I had no clue what was eventually going to happen. But once I started going over those recordings with my new and expensive headphones on, it was as if those fainter voices all of a sudden came into focus.

  I also realized that I was not always hearing the same things when I meticulously went over these recordings. Sometimes I would hear different and new things each time that I listened to a particular recording. I was often hearing these voices real time when I was listening.

I found that the clearer/louder voices tended to remain on the recording, but the fainter ones, the ones deeper down in the noise would often change. Often these voices would make a comment regarding something that was relevant to then and there so I know that sometimes they were speaking to me in real time even though that particular recording could have been a few weeks old.

I was hearing all sorts of weird things deeper down in the noise once I had attuned my ears to it.  This is when the overall nature of my experience with EVP began to change. I’d say this is also when my journey down the rabbit hole truly began as well.

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