Entity Attachment From Doing EVP

Febraury 2, 2017

8:14 pm

 These voices are damn annoying this evening. I’m also getting the ringing in my ears again tonight. I think that “they” are causing this intentionally, in fact, I’m quite sure of it. I was never quite sure if they can cause it, or if it was a side effect of being around them. Perhaps it’s a case of both sometimes, but tonight it does seem like they are purposely causing me to hear this ringing in my ears and it’s been a little more intense that usual.

Last night  wasn’t so great, but I think that it was partly my own fault, I stayed up a little too late. I woke up twice during the night but I can’t say if it was because of them. For whatever reason I just didn’t sleep well. But, they could certainly have been the reason, I don’t doubt that. Hopefully tonight goes better. This escalation of messing with me while I’m trying to sleep continues.

I’ve been tempted to turn the heating in my condo off again as that seriously reduces the strength of the voices, but it’s winter and the last time that I did that, I woke up freezing cold. But that is true in my case with hearing them the loudest if there’s a background noise going. They project their voices over sources of steady noise, I’ve experienced this since the very beginning. If I eliminate those sources of sound, the strength of the voices is much reduced.

  The voices are usually still there, but much weaker, often more whispery. But, sometimes when I’m having a bad night, I just have to tough out. I’m not willing to shut the heating off and being cold. I have to stand my ground. It will pass, it always does. It just seems like right now “they” are deliberately trying to turn things up a notch and it can be very aggravating obviously. But during the day I’m fine. They are much weaker then when I’m keeping myself occupied.


February 3, 2017

7:05 am

I lucked out last night. I got to sleep with no trouble at all. 

8:20 pm

The voices just started acting up. I was fine all day. It seems like they literally go on the offensive a few few hours before I turn in. Hopefully I’ll get to sleep quickly, we’ll see. But they’ve been a real pain in the ass at night recently.

10:12 pm

I just took two doses of sleep-aid, just waiting here for it to kick in. This is the time of night when “they” start escalating things. At least that’s how it has been for the past few weeks.

Just recently, I found two more people, or I should say, I saw two more accounts of this situation of people doing EVP and they ended up hearing the voices outside of the recordings. These were just brief accounts, they were actually comments to a couple of videos on the web, but yeah, that’s what they stated. Actually, one of the people said it happened after using a Spirit Box for a little while. I’ve seen quite a few cases of that as well, it’s the same situation, which can be brought about by various means of Spirit communication.

I suppose the difference now as say to the late 19th century when channeling and Spirit communication was also very popular, is that now with the internet, these accounts get put out there a little more. They are not always easy to find, but there is a trail of personal accounts like these scattered across cyberspace. I just hope that in the future, more people start putting two and two together and word of this particular danger involving these activities reaches more people. 

I know that when I first started doing EVP, I had no idea that it could possibly result in me hearing voices at a psychosis level. I had no idea at all, that’s why I was completely blindsided by it. It was a surprise attack essentially. I hope that at least in some way, documenting the tactics of these malevolent entries take some of that surprise advantage away from them.

February 4, 2017

12:09 am

It’s been a brutal night so far. I just tried to go to sleep….no go, I was feeling stuff all over me, jabs vibrations…just the overall feeling of things moving around on me. It was pretty bad. They definitely seem to be putting a lot of focus recently on the physical sensations at night.

 I just took 3 more doses of sleep-aid, that’s like 5 so far tonight. I’m just waiting now for it to kick in.  I only have about one dose left then I’m completely out. I’ll have to run out tomorrow and grab some more. With how it’s been recently with these physical disturbances at night, I honestly don’t think that I would get any sleep at all if I didn’t have any sleep-aids on hand. Unfortunately, for now they are still a necessity.

8:28 am

When I went back to bed last night after my last entry, I passed out almost right away. But, it took me a few doses of sleep-aid to accomplish that. I used it all up and will have to pick up some more this morning.

Things are calmer now this morning. I’m just currently hearing some background chatter. It does seem that at night, just prior to turning in is when they hit me the most. Hopefully this will pass soon.

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