Are Spirit Boxes Dangerous ?

February 5, 2017


  In short answer…they can be.  I know that I’ve already written about this before here, but I was just browsing the web this weekend, I was checking out some paranormal themed stuff, which I wished that I wouldn’t do really, but since I’m in the situation that I’m in, sometimes I find myself checking out various things, looking for answers, similar experiences, etc… Anyway, I saw a lot of things pertaining to Spirit Boxes and their use. As I’ve written about extensively here in my journal, I experimented with EVP for a couple of months back in 2015 and well, saying that my experience didn’t turn out so well for me would be an understatement.

  I would say that my brief experience with doing EVP sessions got intense real fast and while everything seemed fine and even of a benevolent nature in the beginning, by the end of the second month I began to hear what I’ll describe as “negative” voices on my recordings. By the end of that second month of recording, I began to experience incidents of hearing these same “negative” voices outside of my recordings with just my ears. Well, that freaked me out enough to convince me to quit doing EVP sessions all together, but that didn’t stop these disturbing incidents from occurring. In fact, the situation continued to get worse. After about a month of what I can only describe as “escalation”, the situation took a turn towards the truly nightmarish.

  By early April (2015) I was hearing these harassing voices non-stop at an extreme psychosis level. I was also experiencing physical/bodily disturbances such as feeling jabs, slight stings and weird vibrations that moved around on me, usually at night which made trying to sleep become a real problem (which I have little doubt was the point). I’ve already written all about this extensively here in my journal, so without rehashing everything again, let me just say that it truly was a hellish nightmare for a few months. It’s been two years now since all of that and I’m still dealing with it today, but not nearly at such intense a level now as it was in the beginning.  But, “they” (the deceiving entities that I made contact with back in 2015) have never left.

 I go about my life now just as I always did before any of this occurred, but these harassing entities still mess with me on pretty much a daily basis. I’ve gotten pretty good at blocking out their voices if I’m keeping myself busy, like say at my work for example. Whole hours can pass when I won’t hear them at all, but at night, especially when I’m trying to sleep, they still mess with me. Some days are not so bad, but I still have my share of bad days where sometimes at night it will seem like my room is full of whispery voices. I also still deal with the aggravating physical disturbances at night as well. Often, I’ll have to dose myself with a good amount of sleep-aid just to pass out quickly to avoid being annoyed by all of this.

 Since this began for me back in 2015, I have met a few others that had this same thing happen to them, only they were using Spirit Boxes as their primary means of spirit communication. I tried a Spirit Box a few times during those two months, but for whatever reason, I just never took to it and instead primarily used voice recorders during my EVP sessions. But these others that I met that were using Spirit Boxes, their situations went down exactly as mine did. The contact came on quick and the sessions became very intense over a short span of time. Just like with my own situation, these voices that we were hearing come through our equipment seemed benign of not outwardly benevolent at first. The communication became so intense that in a way, it was hard to pull yourself away from it. One can easily become mesmerized by what they are experiencing.

 But just like with my own situation after doing EVP sessions with a voice recorder, the others that I’ve met had the same thing happen to them. After a little time passed, they to started hearing the voices with just their ears and at this stage these voices were no longer benevolent in nature but extremely and I stress extremely tormenting.

 I admit my EVP endeavor was brief, but I have been left dealing with the aftermath for the past two years. My situation went to hell fast, almost before I even knew what hit me. But simply quitting and walking away from doing EVP sessions did not fix the situation. It was already too late. These deceiving earthbound entities waited until we had tuned into hearing one another before they sprung their surprise attack. I certainly realize that now, the more you do this type of activity, the more you could potentially be tuning yourself into hearing entities that you really wouldn’t want to hear if you knew in advance. I’m not sure if these entities caused me to hear them outside of the recordings by doing something to my sense of hearing or if I did it by doing EVP so much within a short span of time and really going over those recordings over and over again with a good pair of headphones. Perhaps it was a little of both. But the result was that these malevolent entities were now within my perception range as far as hearing their voices and also feeling the physical disturbances that they can cause me to feel.

  I know that there’s a lot of talk out there about saying protection prayers or stating that you wish to communicate with only positive spirits when you start a session. Hey, I got knocked out of the paranormal research field before I barely got started, so I can’t really say if anything like that would have made a difference in my own situation. These entities were so masterful at deceiving me in the very beginning that I don’t think it would have mattered one way or another. I say it’s all still very risky and essentially playing with fire and it can have some serious long-lasting effects on your life if things take a bad turn. I’m sure there’s all sorts of dangers that can arise from using Spirits Boxes and doing EVP, but yeah, one of them is that there’s a risk of developing a condition of hearing voices.

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