Society, S for secrecy and scandal provided by the government. O for outcry from the common people. C for corruption from MPs and PMs. I for the idiocy of the people that believe they have our best interests at heart. E for the elections that change absolutely nothing. T for the torment the working man and woman goes through trying to live on the ‘living wage’, and Y for the years of bullshit they have fed us, and for the years we will continue to believe it.

Why must we live in a dictatorship? why must we live in society were the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer? What happened to the farmers of our society, the open fields now converted to blocks of flats, for what? money?

To say money has ruined our society would be an understatement, no one cares anymore, and they haven’t for a while. The same people spending millions on pointless possetions are the same people raising taxes, and the same people telling you to ‘give what you can’ to charity. I’m not saying we should live a communist lifesyle but there has to be a point in time where we realise how vile our society actually is?

From the day you are born you and placed in to a machine that will shape you in to the type of person society wants you to be. Young minds placed into school, taught what ‘society’ wants you to know. Children shunned for not achieving what ‘society’ deems an acceptable grade, made to feel bad when really they should be pushed further. Einstein once said “if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing it is stupid”. 

Once a child is dragged through school, where for 5+ years children are belittled, talked down to and refused simple requests such as a toilet break, they are then pushed in to either the working world or college. Someone who only 2 months prior had to ask to go to the toilet is now expected to live amongst adults, behaving the way society wants you to. Not asking questions. 

What happened to crop farmers, sheep herders, milk farmers and self sufficient lifestyles? Replaced by corporations killing jobs for millions of people because it is more financially viable to replace a person with a machine. Society makes people believe that this is the way forward, and people don’t seem to realise that this way of thinking and living has destroyed everything.

If you don’t want to work within society, in offices or retail stores, you don’t have the option to come off the grid, society has taken away this choice from everyone.

You ask these questions and people are so blind that they choose to believe that you are lazy because you don’t conform to the social stereotype of an ideal member of society.

You have two options in life; live how society wants you to, or die. I know which is the lesser of two evils. 


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