Trust your gut

As an escort I meet all kind of men from all walks of life.  I am usually prettt lucky that the vast majority of my clientele are pleasant gentlemen who treat me with respect.

Earlier this week I went to work in a different city.  It wasn’t an area I was keen on visiting, but the girl I work away with was keen to try it. 

The clientele were absolutely horrific, they treated me as though they owned me and had zero respect.  Usually I am in control the client is stepping into my territory and plays by my rules.  For the first time in a long time I felt like my clients were in control, I felt nasty and dirty.

One guy picked me up and threw me into the 69 position whilst he was standing up with my feet behind his head.   Another stood up on my bed and tried thrusting his penis inside my mouth.  Needless to say I let the trip a few days earlier.

I am back working in my home city and it’s such a blessing to have nice normal vanilla clients.  

One major thing this job has taught me is to ALWAYS follow your instincts if something even has the faintest smell of being off… sack it off, run and do not look back.

All my life I have always given people way too many chances than they deserve and it always ends up me who gets hurt.

This is my life, I must look after myself.  


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