Work and skate

Yes, skipped the gym again. I don’t know if I ever going to get used to going to the gym in the morning. I did not give up tho. Just felt tired to go to gym this morning but got work on time. Spent about 30 mins to do stand up and catching up with people in the morning and rest of time working on closing 5 tickets assigned to me cause of one of front-end developer is on vacation now. It literally took all day to finish all that except for the one card that we decided not to move forward cause it is not really an user friendly behavior. Since my local is not working, I had to commit each time I make changes and I probably did a month worth commits today. I’m glad that I was able to close all those tickets today so we can all test tomorrow. Got off around 7 PM to home then drove to DTLA for Tuesday night skate. 5 people skated around the city for almost 13 miles including the skate park. I had a small issue with a frame but was able to finish the skate. Finally went to Daikokuya for the first time with the new guy from Czech republic. Seems like a very good guy. Had a Dakokuya ramen with a beer. Good but not sure if it’s worth waiting for it. Back home around midnight and having a bottle of beer while I’m writing this to wrap up the day. 12:17 AM now. will go to sleep soon. Goodnight all.

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