You know you’re obsessed with Sherlock when…

  1. You wear a blue scarf everywhere you go. Even if it’s +40 degrees Celsius outside.
  2. You want to become a detective, but not because it’s what you’ve always wanted to do…
  3. Actually, it’s has been, ever since you started watching Sherlock.
  4. You believe that all people in the world are cousins, because that means you’re related to MF, AS and BC.
  5. You actually know who MF, AS and BC are.
  6. When you visit London, it’s not Big Ben or the London Eye that you go to. It’s 221B Baker Street.
  7. You become more observant.
  8. You start insulting people more than you should.
  9. When you’re the only one working in a group, you say: “Oh, look at you lot, all so vacant! Is it nice not being me? Must be so relaxing!”
  10. You speak in quotes and references.
  11. If you’re a girl, you don’t ship Johnlock. Not necessarily because you don’t like it, but because you want Sherlock for yourself.
  12. You come up with various theories, some completely impossible, as to how Moriarty survived.
  13. Because you’re sure that he did.
  14. Every time someone says that Moriarty is dead, you start arguing with them.
  15. Even if it’s Sherlock. On the TV.
  16. The worst insult in your vocabulary is “you MOFFAT!”
  17. You wish that Sherlock will have to fight a criminal named Moffat.
  18. And have the villain played by Moffat himself.
  19. You want to make Moffat into shoes.
  20. If you didn’t before, you now start talking in a British accent.
  21. You actually opened this to see how relatable it is. 
  22. And you agree that this is, in fact, very relatable.
  23. All you listen to is “Staying Alive” and the overture from The Thieving Magpie.
  24. You get an Irish Setter and name him Redbeard.
  25. You have your own mind palace.
  26. And you actually visit it. All the time.
  27. Your favorite board game is Cluedo.
  28. You always carry a London A-Z with you.
  29. You paint a yellow smiley face on your wall.
  30. You’re sad this list has now ended.


I will make a Doctor Who one soon. And an Undertale one. And a Star Wars and Star Trek one.

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