2/1/2017-10:35 PM- First day back at school.

I guess today went decent, I probably ate a little too much and too fast throughout the day, but I don’t feel nauseous at least. I’m just hoping tonight won’t be another case of sickness.

I feel almost a bit fearful to sleep if I might have to wake up at 3AM to have to vomit again, but I better try to rest as soon as possible.

Today was good, school-wise, I managed to finish some assignments, except two others, but I have the weekend in case…

I feel a bit parched today, a bit light-headed, so I only exercised for about thirty minutes.

I just am hoping for the best grades this semester, no matter even if it turns out that I end up with  a C, better than nothing.

I’m praying for a successful, peaceful, but also challenging semester that won’t frustrate me but will keep me alert for every assignment I am given. I just pray that I do well, for my future. 

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