My speech wasn’t too great. I mean, my teacher was more or less very happy with it and I got an A, but it wasn’t good enough.
I feel sad. Why am I so nostalgic? Thinking about things I was nostalgic about. I don’t feel fullfilled. I just want to go back to winter break. To tea. And movies. And practicing English. And Adrian Mole. I’m crying right now, but in general I’m really not sad. I just feel empty. Like I’m missing something. I’ve been getting angry at things so much lately.

Did my speech ruin everything? Did I exploit my whole relationship with the book? If  you’re loving a song and you’ve been listening to it for some time, all the time, and it’s not like a very popular song and it’s something about it…not even the lyrics, nor the music, but something, and it plays in a public place, it’s destroyed. That’s my thing. If I like a book or a movie a lot and can’t stop thinking about it, I know that I shouldn’t tell anyone. As soon as you tell someone, it’s not yours anymore. But I always end up telling. Everyone. Why?

I can hear my Mum walking up to my Dad’s room. Please don’t have sex tonight.


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