3:57 PM- 2/2/2017- End of the day/Bad attendance

This morning I finally got a replacement computer called in, I feel very bad for having my mother do all the work, she was in a good enough mood thankfully. I plan to pay any fines on the computer, since it’s my responsibility. I feel incredibly bad. I’ve had that computer since I was twelve, and I’m sixteen now. I just wonder if maybe I didn’t take good enough care of it, which in the beginning I hadn’t. Heck, I was just a kid, I could care less about something that wasn’t really mine.

Anyways, I should have the replacement in 7-10 days, so I have about a week of classes I might miss. Oh well though, I am just glad I got a replacement on the way.

I already alerted my teachers and such. I’m not taking Spanish this Semester like I wish I could. Which is good since it requires sooo much studying that takes up all my time.

Yesterday when I went to check to see what I had in my email, I found a notice for the last week of the first semester(Last month, January 24th) .One of my teachers, a guidance counselor, someone, sent me an email regarding my attendance. Since it was the last week of school, I was busy studying and such, working on assignments at home. I guess they decided I wasn’t doing my work and I got a warning. Something about missing three or more days of attendance the week before, and that if I wanted to stay enrolled than I had to fill out this work log for anything I did at home or not in class.

They sent this letter two days after vacation had started(January 26th), so of course I didn’t check my email since I assumed there was nothing else for that week, it was break. I had the log half written out and printed when I realized I had until January 30th of this year, and it was February 1st, so I missed the due date by two days.

I just feel a bit frustrated, upset. It was my own fault, but I still wish they had sent it BEFORE break, if it was so important and “urgent”.

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