Anti-Trump protest

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I Went to a protest in The Hague(Den Haag) to protest against the muslim ban in America. About 4000 people showed up. I stood next to a father with his little daughter(I’m guessing about 3 years old). He had trouble holding up his daughter on his shoulders and carrying their sign at the same time, so I suggested we switched(mine was a small format). Thry went home pretty quikly because the little girl got tired, but I stayed till the end. After the offial protest was over some went on to march in the streets. I went with them. A few girls held a speach(wich I couldn’t hear properly because I sat in the back) and after the police came everyone went back to the train station. I felt really good to be there, everyone was really nice and nothing escalated. I saw a lot of creative signs. The people who organised the whole thing stated a facebook page and said that more events will be coming up.

Here are some pictures of the whole event. The girl that is sitting on the street during nighttime is me.


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  1. Whew. So glad I live in London and those political, um, things don’t affect me.
    But I did write about some of this in my most recent entry.

  2. I’m glad to see that this anti-trump protest was peaceful. I believe in the freedom of speech. However, what I don’t agree with is the violent protest and destruction of property that has been going on and increasing throughout the states. How can this be effective or beneficial to anyone? My understanding of Trump’s executive order is that it is not meant to target Muslim-it’s not meant to be a Muslim ban, rather the focus is on extreme vetting process starting with the 7 countries that were identify under the Obama Administration as places where terrorists come from. I think that it is unfortunate that the role out of his policy which is meant to secure and protect American life to prevent more tragedies have inconvenience refugees and people coming from these 7 countries. I can only hope that this situation gets better, that people really educate themselves about what is really going on and not really on mainstream media reporting to understand what the truth and facts are. I strongly believe that most people who are out there, especially the younger generation can’t even articulate why they are out there protesting-they are just following a movement. It’s important to understand why you decide to engage in a particular action so that then it can lead to implementing effective and safe approaches to address concerns. If you want to further read my viewpoint regarding the current political environment check out the journal article that I wrote about “Changing Political Party”

  3. Thank you, dear. One of my friends is currently unable to join us for scientific conferences in the US only because she is Iranian. There is a big conference coming up in Charlotte this year and we all hope that the ban will be lifted by then. Otherwise we will all skip the conference together – she is one of us, if she’s not welcome, we don’t feel welcome either.

  4. A guy once asked me if I would ever want to visit USA and I said no. I would rather die jobless on the street in country where Muslims are not considered terrorists and have freedom rather then move to a country where Muslims are labeled as terrorists.
    I’m a Muslim. I’m proud of it.

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