back!! and, food!!

 just came back from the cafe!! i bought a lot of hot cocoa and donuts and a sandwich and pastries and tea! 

but the thing is: its all for chistmers party! 

a surprise party! just a tiny one though, no one else but me and him and food! i hope hes hungry when he gets home because i am! maybe i can show him some tv stations! there are a lot of good ones he probably hasnt seen!

brb! ^^

One thought on “back!! and, food!!”

  1. There are other TV stations other than BBC? *surprise surprise*
    Just kidding, but for me “watching telly” means “spending time with BBC”.
    I love BBC.

    Dammit, Chismin, your attitude is contagious.
    I’d go buy some pastries, but it’s 22:07, and the shops are probably all closed.

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