Changing Political Party

As of 2 days ago I decided to change my political party from Democrat to Independent. I did not vote in this last election.  I just could not reconcile in my mind to vote for Clinton or Trump during the 2016 election.   I am disgusted and very sad with how the democratic party have chosen to react to Trump’s Administration. 

When I was registered with the democratic party I did not vote for Obama.  I saw Obama as a good man who had good intentions but did not have the required or necessary character substance, experience, or strong decisive presence to be the President of the United States.  I saw him as a person who was very charismatic and spoke in poetry.  A person who was great in theory but weak in implementing effective policies. 

I was rooting for Hillary Clinton when she ran against Obama.  I was in disbelief when Clinton lost to Obama.  To me the Democratic Party betrayed Clinton by supporting Obama.  I was baffled when Clinton accepted to become the Secretary of State under the Obama Administration.  I believe had Clinton not serve as the Secretary of State under Obama she would have been the 1st Female to be elected as the President of The United States.  I also believe had Clinton distance herself from Obama and his policies when running against Trump she may have won. 

I became disillusion with Clinton with how she responded to Benghazi as Secretary of State, I was disappointed with the e-mail scandals, her response to the abortion topic during the presidential debates with Trump, to her seemingly lack of support to the police officers.   I also believe that using celebrities during her campaign against Trump negatively affected her campaign.  For the most part I believe that voters do not care or relate to celebrities when it comes to election.  People who are struggling economically do not identify or empathize with celebrities.  Celebrities are there for entertainment. 

I remember having a conversation with my best friend during the presidential campaign of Clinton and Trump.  I clearly remember saying to her “Despite the polls, the media, and strong support for Clinton, I have a strange feeling that Trump has a chance to be elected President” I remember my friend looking at me in disbelief asking how can I feel that way.  I responded by telling her that the American people are tired of the ineffectiveness of politicians at Congress, people are looking for someone who will be effective in action and be serious about addressing their concerns about the economy, jobs, safety/protection, health care, and the selection of the judge for the Supreme Court.

There is something to be said about Trump-the person.  He ran against 13 political republicans & despite his lack of experience in the political arena, he was able to win the republican nomination.  It is fascinating that taking into account the strong opposition from his own party, from the democratic party, to the continuous negative media coverage-Trump somehow was able to connect with the people, the voters and in turn, somehow the people, the voters, saw something in Trump that led them to believe that if Trump was elected as President- he would seriously begin to address their concerns.

How can numerous violent protests, destruction of property, profanity and vulgar statements, deliberately deciding to not show up to congress and do your job, deciding to continuously delay confirmation of Trump’s staff’s out of personal vendetta be effective & beneficial for the people? I believe that the democratic party is lacking an effective and practical leader, not showing up to congress is petty and childish, in the long run this will backfire.  This type of action is exactly the reason why people are fed up with congress.

We are currently seeing a civil war play out at Washington.  The enemies of the United States, of the American people, are enjoying this and are plotting of how to take advantage of all the chaos and destructive division that they are witnessing.  Why do we continue to fight each other? Why can’t the leaders of both political parties come together in a responsible and respectful approach to address the concerns of the American people?

We had an election and Donald Trump was elected President.  The Democratic Party needs to now learn how to effectively channel their disappointment and resentment to the outcome of this election. Both political parties need to focus and continue to learn how to effectively reach out to the American people and really listen and understand what their concerns are. They need to step up and figure out how to serve best the interest of the United States and their political parties in a way that is positively beneficial without being divisive and destructive.  

A president has been elected.  As Americans we should be rooting for the elected President of The United States to do well in his position regardless of our political parties.  It is up to Trump, his administration, the elected officials and political leaders to step up and figure out much sooner than later how to find a balance where both parties can effectively, responsibly, and respectfully work together to address the the people’s concerns and make us stronger as a nation.

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