Day 2 – 30 Days of Discipline

I had an amazing day today.  Visit with Mandi and Brittany made me laugh and feel loved. We ate watermelon and oatmeal, drank black coffee and just truly enjoyed each other’s company. I thought about going to the gym, and then I thought about it some more and then I committed to going.   It was a great Spin and Core workout, left me sweaty and exhausted. 

Then I considered yoga.  Sometimes I forget how much I love it there and I try to talk myself out of going. Today, that ends. I am wise enough to remember how much I enjoy my practice.   How much love is there; the new friends I’ve made and the strength yoga has brought me. 

So starting today, I no longer talk myself out of workouts and yoga.  Each day I will set my intention, choose my classes and attend with excitement. 

I am really missing my bicycle today. That little taste of warm weather last week got me excited for riding, but today it is back to stupid winter freezing cold (don’t let the sun fool you) and I just sit in the window like a puppy…waiting for warm days so I can go out and play.  Until then….indoor recess for me. 😊

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