Day 340

Wednesday, February 1st 2017

Today has been a good one.

I started off with visual arts. My group and I continued our idea for the mural we’ll be painting in a teacher’s office. We settled on my idea of having a roof and the teacher added to it that she wanted vegetables and grass—a green roof, basically. We took that idea and made it so you are still on a roof, but can see 2 roofs next to you. We also added a sign, since our teacher recommended to use a teammate’s idea for it. We wanted to incorporate something in his ideas, but he wasn’t feeling confident in his art. He told us he doesn’t really do art, but I think it’ll be good practice for him. None of us have the experience with chalk paint or do much of perspective drawings and aren’t great at painting, so this will be fun. Intimidating when our teacher said “It’ll be there for years”. Let’s try not to screw this up.

I then had English and we kept reading 1984. It’s sooo good. I love it. We also saw a couple of videos, read a text about dystopian literature and why it’s so enjoyed by teenagers and wrote a text on a statement of your choice. I chose “should it be allowed for the government to moderate what books people read to detect threats”. I wrote no, because most books that people read are works of fiction and even if it had a meaning or a “how-to” for something the government wouldn’t agree on, it doesn’t mean the person will act upon it. For example, I watch videos on psychopaths all the time for the psychology behind it, and I’m curious as to know why and how they go about killing people to understand their mind better, but just cause I watched the how part, doesn’t mean I’m gonna go kill people with that method, or kill anyone in any way.

I had lunch with Kohai and we talked about the haircut I wanted. We discussed about hair in general and the dream I had of being a Jedi.

I then had psychology and we mostly took notes. Our teacher talked about anthropology and made his jokes and told his stories, like the one where he accidentally gave a class of five year olds the middle finger in Korea(?) because he was making the “I got your nose!” joke and the gesture of having your thumb between your fingers is basically giving the finger in that country. He also wrestled with the students and body slammed them (with pillows), which over there is fine, but in Canada you’d basically get arrested, haha. That story came up, because of the differences from country to country.

I finished the day with French and we continued reading and took a bunch of notes on editorials.

At home I did some English work by answering questions about 1984 and moderated the server.

That’s all for today.

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