Log Date 017

 Log Date, 017.

I started my part-time job at La Beauté today. I had to wake up at 7:00 AM in the morning for training. A few others were there already, including Daniel from earlier. He gave me a tour of the place and gave me this weird apron with the La Beauté logo on it. I learned how to handle the machinery and all very quickly. I was doing this all while the other employees trickled in. And soon, La Beauté opened.

I wasn’t allowed to handle customers yet, just practice customers (before La Beauté opened, of course). I’m just supposed to observe today, document how others take care of things, how fast I have to be, all that. It’s.. a little boring. But my other co-workers are keeping me company while I’m awkwardly lingering over their shoulders. They’re very nice.

Daniel has been especially helpful.  He’s been pretty friendly, even if we only met that one time before. Very funny, too. I feel like he’s going to make this job very enjoyable, or, more enjoyable than it already seems.

All this is making me a little hungry. Maybe I can sneak a pastry from here, haha.

I’ll be back soon.

End Log.

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