Log Date 018

 Log Date, 018.

My efforts to sneak a muffin from the back have payed off. One poppy-seed muffin if all I need to satisfy my hunger. I, er.. didn’t eat this morning.

I believe I wasn’t very good at hiding it, however. Daniel seems awfully chuckly and “hinty” when he talks to me. He knows I stole the muffin, he’s just teasing me. I found it quite amusing, actually. I almost felt guilty.

Chismin came in earlier today and bought a lot of stuff. No, really, a lot. 5 cups of hot chocolate (this very fancy type we carry, it’s a little more expensive), 2 dozen donuts (which is two boxes of our 6 donuts), lots of separate pastries, pretty much every type of tea on our menu, a lot of coffee, and one BLT sandwich. When I saw him enter, I was very curious. Turns out, he just wants to support us. I’ll have to thank him later.

Now I’m hungry. My shift ends in a few hours, I’ll see you all then.

End Log.

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