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i have to get into the nhs.

i have the gpa and the (teacher-evaluated) character to apply, but i’m lacking a lot of service hours. i have school clubs + activities (well, only THREE, but they’re the ones i have) but no community service hours whatsoever, and i don’t know what i’m going to do, since the application deadline is february 10th, which is next friday, and i can’t just magically squeeze any community service hours in during that time.

jesus christ on a bicycle, what am i going to do.

my brother and sister were both members of the nhs when they were in high school.


i’m literally having another internal meltdown over this, and if you feel like saying something stupid like “don’t stress out because it’ll be okay if you don’t get accepted in the nhs” then shut up and take your optimism to someone who actually wants it, no offense.


i’m having such a darn good time at school except for the fact that my physics is really dragging my gpa down. still, i like how, in the u.s., your average can stay relatively stable even if some quiz or smaller grades are low, especially if you’re taking a 5.0 class, and a 90 is equivalent to a 100/in a 4.0 class.


sometimes i want to cry at how kind my teachers are. they’re all (well, mostly–my geo teacher is often quite scary) so encouraging and ready to help with anything …

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